Affects of Technology Essay

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Technology and Social Change: Technologies That Will Affect our Future By Terrill Scott Technology is not new and it will always be part of our lives no matter how you don't want it to be. Graham T.T. Molitor and Dr. J. A. English-Lueck analysis of different function of technology and effects on families lives. The dynamics of impacts from technologies effects on households are not one in the same. Technology advancements affects communication, information, entertainment, electronics including mobile deceives, and more have shape family units in all areas of life. Molitor thoughts on technology affecting family Communication is actually among the most important contributions of technology, that has changed the way we live our lives. Improvements of all types technology is making it accessible to almost anyone and anywhere- but a cost. Technology advancements in communication are making our lives more comfortable and more convenient to live. Today, there are many new types of technology smartphone, computers, communication, transportation, banking, global positioning system, and shopping; technology has revolutionized the way we do things. Summary of English-Lueck’s analysis on the family The interpretation of technology on families home, work and social activities is not clear-cut and many factors blurred the line between workplace and family life. The computer and cell phone technology has altered the face of the world. Cell phone application and computer software organize families schedules, household chores. Technology is use for time manages and keep the family units lines of commutation open. Family member’s daily obligations; recreational activities and entertaining demands coordination’s with technology. How The Teague’s Family: Relationships Have Improved Through Technology Advancements Technology advancements have pretty much touch
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