Affects of Drug Use in Families Essay

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Most people are unaware that someone in his or her family using drugs can affect the whole family? Growing up my father raised me along with two other sisters alone with no help from anyone. While my mom (whom I had never met) live in another state with her own family. We never had much, but we had each other. During my childhood there was drug use in my family, and I was affected. As a child I grew up around drugs and thought it was all right to do them. My father would role and would smoke his so called “cigarette” right before he would go to work and before he would go to bed. I had always questioned him because it did not look like a cigarette he would smoke during the day. He had always said “you will find out when you’re old enough”. My father never told me what it was. I had learned it in school. When I had learned what he was doing was illegal, I was devastated. All that time I had believed that my father was a hero and to have a stranger say “a drug user is a criminal”, broke my heart. I was confused. I questioned my father again, and he finally told me the truth about his drug use. He told me that raising three little girls on his own was tough and by doing drugs it helps him cope with everyday life. He had also told me “that’s the reason you can’t ever have friends over.” I was very upset and emotionally drained. As a little girl I believed that not being able to have friends over is the reason I never had friends at all. When my father learned that I knew what he was doing was wrong, I was not allowed to go anywhere and if it was legal he would not have allowed me to go to school. He was stressed out and afraid that I would say something. I did not have to because one night my father who was once my hero was taken to jail for possession of and selling marijuana. Although my sisters (much younger than me) did not know what was going on, we were all
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