Affect of Globalisation on Hrm Essay

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| Discuss, analyse and critically evaluate how ‘globalisation’ has influenced the evolution towards a more significant and strategic Human Resource Management function. (Assignment 1) | | | AMRINDER SINGH 1202274 | 1/2/2013 | | Introduction Human Resource Management (HRM) was defined by Purcell and Boxall as 'all those activities which are associated with the management of the employment relationships in the firm'. It is an inevitable process that accompanies the growth of organisations (Purcell and Boxall, 2010). HRM covers various different activities like human capital management, knowledge management, organisation design and development, resourcing, learning and development, reward management, performance management, employee relations and employee well being. The human resource policies should be integrated with strategic business planning and used to reinforce an appropriate organizational culture that human resources are valuable and a source of competitive advantage, that may be tapped most effectively by mutually consistent policies that promote commitment, and which as a sequence, foster a willingness in employees to act flexibly in the interests of the adaptive organisation's pursuit of elegance (Legge, 1989). Now we will talk about globalisation which basically means, when a organisation or firm expands its sales, business and production beyond its national boundaries its known as globalisation. Globalisation can be further defined as a process whereby markets and production in different countries becomes increasingly independent due to the dynamics of trade in goods and services and flows of capital and technology (Brawley, 2003). It's like the movement of factors of production from one country to another. Further we will be talking about strategic HRM in detail, globalisation in detail and effects of globalisation. Strategic

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