Affect Of British Colonization In Malaysia Essay

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Affect of British Colonization In Malaya All of the colonization brought us effects and there is a lot of impact of British imperialism in Malaya in the early 18th century. We have to admit that most of the effects gave us a better life. One of the most important effect that given is the form of three major ethnic in Malaysia. During the British colonization, British imported immigrants from south India and south China to Malaya as labor. The Britain assign these immigrant into several of industry. Indians is brought as cheap labour for the rubber plantations and Chinese is dominated in the tin mines, mills and docks while the Malay population worked as a fisherman or farmer. And all of these caused the number of China and India immigrants increased. The China and India immigrants is then became Malaysian. (1) During the British colonization, the import of immigrants has became the important effects to Malaya. The immigrants that comes from different country and brought along their culture , languages and also religion. Religion affects customs ,traditional beliefs and values. Today in Malaysia we can find all major religions such as Islam, Buddhism, Hindu and Christianity. The most interest thing is you can actually see the mosques, temples and churches built next to each other.(2) Besides the form of three main ethnic in Malaysia, British is actually caused the effects in education on our country. Unlike other colonies which maintained their ethnic identity, British formed various of vernacular schools that were present and look after to only a particular ethnic . The British let these ethnic group to be educated in their own language and cultures. That is the reason why there are so many different types of schools in our country. During the colonization, British formed 4 types of schools, Malay-medium, English-medium, Tamil-medium and Chinese-medium
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