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Air Force Core Values represent a key to all leadership roles. I believe that the issues the interviewer was faced with and dealt with are very common within the given workforce. Often times, in my experience, management loses sight of unit morale focusing primarily on the efforts at hand and accomplishing the obligatory tasks not necessary showing concern for the members in the unit. I am in agreement with her actions in establishing a stronger sense of accountability while encouraging squadron morale. When individuals have the opportunity to take ownership, they hold a higher respect and self gratification when the end product is reached. If they see their efforts are noticed and rewarded, they will work harder. In return, morale is lifted not only on an individual basis but within the group. The Air Force Core Values are very evident in this situation as you mentioned. I also believe that having the unit realize that the leader is there to help them succeed and shows concern for their well-being and career creates a sense of trust which also enhances performance. I agree completely that our leadership philosophies continue to grow daily as something we continually adapt to. We are constantly learning and applying new techniques to achieve our overarching goal while keeping with our beliefs. When I was ten I had the pleasure to meet Mr. Colin Powell at the Pentagon and he left such an impression on me at such as young age. I have read many of his books but his one comment stands out as something to remember and enforce in my leadership role and that is to “Have fun in your command. Don’t always run at breakneck pace. Surround yourself with people who take their work seriously, but not themselves, those who work hard play

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