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Part 1: Aesara’s Method & Tripartite Soul/Personhood Question 1: Aesara’s method is the natural law theory. This method of introspection into our soul allows us to discover the foundations of human law, as well as the laws of physical medicine, positive law and moral psychology. Aesara states, in the Waithe text “Human nature seems to me to provide a standard of law and justice both for the home and for the city. By following the tracks within himself, whoever sees will make a discovery; law is in him and justice, which is the orderly arrangement of the soul.” (Waithe,19) Question 2: The three parts of the soul according to Aesara are the mind, high spirit, and desire. The mind serves as the center of judgment and thoughtfulness, the spirit effects our strength and ability and our desires affect our love and kindness. “That which effects judgment and thoughtfulness is the mind, that which effects strength and ability is spirit, and that which effects love and kindliness is desire.” (Waithe 20) Part 2: Application: Aesara’s Harmonia Question 1a. According to Aesara, we have unity of association, and appropriate proportion in our soul. The unity comes from the function of the 3 parts (mind, spirit, and desire), working as one to fulfill a specific duty. Once again, the mind controls judgment and thoughtfulness, the spirit controls our strength and ability, and desire controls our love and kindness. Question 1b. The three parts of the soul form a unity of association. “A composite unity of association could not come about from a single thing, nor indeed from several which are all alike…Nor could such a unity come from several dissimilar things at random, but rather, from parts formed in accordance with the completion and organization and fitting together of the entire composite whole.” (Waithe, 20) While, individually they seem completely unrelated, and

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