Aerospace Engineering Essay

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Aerospace Engineering Aerospace engineering is the main branch concerned with the research, construction, and development of air and space craft. Aerospace engineers have many duties, responsibilities and common work activities. They’re working environments, settings, and geographic locations can vary depending on the company’s project. This career has room for specialization, not all aerospace engineers work towards the same type of aircraft. Aerospace engineering is divided into two branches, Aeronautical engineering and Astronautical engineering. Aeronautical engineering deals with aircraft that are used inside of the earth’s atmosphere like airplanes and helicopters. Astronautical engineering deals with craft that is meant for use outside of the earth, like spaceships and rockets. The work schedule of an Aerospace engineer can vary depending on where they work. Jeff Watterson, my neighbor is an Aerospace engineer who works for the government. His schedule is very rigid. He works Monday through Friday on a 40 hour week. His responsibilities change daily. Depending on what project is being carried out, Jeff can be in charge or running machinery, making plans, or inspecting others work. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, an estimated number of 80,420 people work in the Aerospace field. The annual wage ranges from $65,450 to $149,120 with $103,720 being the average annual wage. The average annual wage varies in the different industries. For example, in the Aerospace product and parts manufacturing industry the average annual wage is $98,430. For the Scientific research and development services the average wage is $111,380 (Occupational Employment Statistics, 2012). An Aerospace engineer’s work location is very unique to their job. Most engineers work in a factory where they build different products. Others work in offices coming up with plans for

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