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Aerobics In our society today we face a new era of obesity. Kids as young as seven old are overweight and obsess with junk food. Parents blame the food branches, but I blame the parents for not introducing exercise. Exercise had come a long way through out time. It keeps you fit, healthy, and builds up extreme confidence. Even though working out can be a lot of work it could also be fun if you know what you’re doing and how to do it. When I first started this aerobics class I didn’t think it would be so intense, like most gym classes I thought the professor would give us a regular everyday routine and would just sit and watch us do it until class was over but instead I got something totally different then what I expected . Being in this aerobics class this semester it taught me how to target a certain area of my body. For example, I mostly needed help within with me stomach and buttock area so every day for thirst minutes I do lunges and squats, and for my stomach I do crunches a lot. Even when I’m just laying on bed I find myself doing crunches I find that technique to be very easy but also a challenge because when I start feeling that pain in my stomach I find myself to go harder but not too hard. Unfortunately this class had to end one day but I most definitely am looking into taking another aerobics class outside of qcc. I plan to work out four times a week doing cardio exercises and also I would like to run the track every day for thirty minutes. That may be too much for a beginner like me but I will start somewhere. I also wanted to get my family involved in my work out plans, by eating right doing the right type of exercises for each person ,but mostly just having fun together

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