Aerobic Exercise Essay

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Aerobic Exercise Introduction : Most people think that every exercise is the same, but actually is much difference. Do you know what the distinction between yoga and swimming? The benefits of both are difference. There are 2 kinds of exercise, aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise, but we will focus on aerobic exercise only. Body: Topic 1: Definition of aerobic exercise Supporting Detail : Any activities that uses a large muscles and causes you breathe more deeply and your heart work harder to pump blood. It's also called cardiovascular exercise. It improves the health of your heart and lungs. Topic 2 : Varieties of aerobic exercise Supporting Detail : Indoor such as stair climbing, elliptical trainer, Indoor rower, stationery bicycle, treadmill, etc. Outdoor such as skiing, cycling, jogging, running, etc. Indoor and outdoor such as swimming, basketball, volleyball, skipping rope (jump rope), etc. Topic 3 : Benefits of aerobic exercise Supporting Detail 1 : In term of blood stream, heart and respiration that increasing oxygen available to the body and enabling of heart can more efficiently. Exercises alone can not prevent or cure heart disease. It's only one of factor in total program of risk reduction. However, the aerobic exercise can balance in your body. Supporting Detail 2 : Other benefits of aerobic exercise is control body fat, reduces your risk of heart disease, keep joints, tendons and ligaments flexible, contributes to your mental well being and helps treat depression, increases your extra energy, help you sleep better and increased the rate you burn calories. Conclusion : So, you know what is aerobic exercise, what sports are including and the benefits of it. Now, you can choose what exercise suitable for your body and make you
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