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Noe, R., Hollenbeck, J., Gerhart, B. y Wright, P. (2014). Managing Human Resources Globally. Chapter 15. From Fundamentals of Human Resources Management, Fifth Edition. New York: McGrawhill The chapter details how the growth in international business activity affects human resources managements in many ways. Nowadays, a global organization needs a transnational HRM system, which can provide decisions from a worldwide point of view, and also include personnel based on different nations and take in assessment made by all kinds of societies. These issues take place because companies are increasingly penetrating international markets by exporting and operating foreign facilities and need workers who are familiar with customers and suppliers in other nations. They need to understand local laws and customs and be able to adapt their plans to the country´s situations. In addition, the chapter also focuses on what issues companies need to consider which can impact HRM in international markets. One of them is the foreign country’s legal and political system, like regulations, laws, policies, government and many others. The other one (and probably the one that is the most important influence) is the culture of each country. Some cultural issues involve high or low power distance, high or low uncertainty avoidance, masculinity/femininity, individualism/collectivism and long-term or short-term orientation. Countries also differ in the degree to which their labor markets include people with education and skills of value to employers. Finally, a country’s economic system, as well as the government’s involvement in the country’s economy is a strong issue that has to be assessed. Some differences among countries shall be considered also when doing a HR planning at organizations with international operations. When organizations decide to operate internationally or globally,

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