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This week’s discussion of astronomy brought me to website on the Arecibo Observatory provided by the NAIC. This article gives a history of the world’s biggest radio telescope located in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. This telescope is 305 meters in diameter and covers over 20 acres. It is located above the karst sinkhole, by the article “provided natural geometry for the construction.” The project was originally thought of by Professor William E. Gordon. This telescope is used for many different studies of space including the properties of different things in space. Throughout the site it lists the accomplishments and history for this telescope. Another interesting fact is that it is set up to receive signals from extraterrestrial beings, even though they haven’t had any yet. The telescope and this article relates to this week’s study because it is one of the different ways we study space from the earth. The telescope uses the energy from the stars, comets, planets, and everything else in space and gives us accurate data. This in turn allows us to study these things and learn more about them. Also under accomplishments this telescope is able to be used for different areas of astronomy besides just looking at the stars. It can be used for radio astronomy, atmospheric science, and radar astronomy. This article is very important though. It allows us to see some of the many accomplishments of the observatory. With the different areas of astronomy being studied here we are constantly observing the unknown for the existence of further life, other planets like ours, and just for the scientific evidence of how this planet was started. By utilizing the radio telescope, we are able to observe more than just how things look we are able to see how things are reacting. This allows us to be able to better understand what lies outside our universe. This site was used

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