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Book 6 At the invitation of his father's ghost in Book 5, Aeneas visits the underworld. Aeneas's trip to the land of the dead is modeled on Odysseus's visit to the same place in book 11 of the Odyssey. In both cases the purpose of the trip to the underworld is the quest for knowledge only obtainable from the dead. Odysseus gets his information from Teiresias; Aeneas, from his father Anchises. 1. Aeneas enters the underworld at Cumae in southern Italy at the temple of Apollo accompanied by the god's priestess, the Sibyl. What prophecy does the Sibyl make to Aeneas (128-147)? Sibyl tells Aeneas that things are going to be tough: they will have to fight a war to secure their territory in Italy and she predicts that a new Achilles will arise in the territory of Latium. Also, she says that the war will arise as a result of a foreign bride, and the Trojans will find safety from an unexpected source: a Greek city. 2. What does the Sibyl tell Aeneas he must do in order to enter the land of the dead (195-225)? Sibyl tells Aeneas he must get the golden bough from deep in the forest as a gift to Proserpina in order to enter the land of the dead. 3. Who accompanies Aeneas to the Underworld (356 . . . )? The Sibyl accompanies Aeneas to the Underworld. 4. How are ghosts transported across the river Styx (403-425)? They are transported by a ferry by Charon. 5. Why are some spirits not allowed to cross the river Styx (426-447)? Some spirits aren’t allowed to cross the river Styx because they haven’t been buried yet. 6. What is Aeneas’ reason for wanting to visit the Underworld (540-545)? His reason is to visit his father in the Underworld. 7. What does Deiphobe show to Charon that makes him ferry them across immediately (546-560)? He shows Charon the golden bough. 8. What did they meet on the other side of the river? How did

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