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Interview with a Teaching Profession September 16, 2012 AED/201 Recently the opportunity came about for me to conduct an interview with a 3th grade teacher named Ms. Tammy Hendrix of the Bill Arp Elementary School, Douglasville, GA concerning decision- making in the classroom. Ms. Hendrix is a kind and wonderful teacher and person of who actually taught me 23 years ago. When approaching Ms. Hendrix to do the interview she was very gracious to help in what she could. The interview was started with Ms. Hendrix by asking what are some examples of typical, quick decisions teachers make on a daily. Ms. Hendrix laughed and said “that is a tricking but interesting question.” After, taking a moment to think to herself she stated there are a few examples that come to mind such as, there was some discipline problems with some students and the appropriate actions had to be taken for the inappropriate behavior. The second example is missing schoolwork and homework and what action to take because this work was not turned in on the due date. Ms. Hendrix went on to say that she did not like making decisions that was tough on her students but she had to discipline them appropriately. One could see that Ms. Hendrix did not like to made harsh decisions but she understood that this was part of her job. The third example is appropriate feedback to a parent concerning questions that he or she might have. The last example was what instructional material is appropriate for the students for that day. After Ms. Hendrix answered these questions, one asked Ms. Hendrix did some of the work that was given for the students to do on any day ever change. Ms. Hendrix explained that material is always subject to change if the students do not understand the lesson for the day. One went on to ask Ms. Hendrix about what were the five difficult
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