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In the area that I live in only two counties require students to wear school uniforms. Schools requiring students to wear school uniforms is a very big topic in the area that I live in. The main question that this topic raises is are school uniforms a good way to improve student discipline and motivation? Wearing uniforms in schools has its advantages and some disadvantages. After researching different opinions and sides of this controversial issues I actually changed my opinion of what I first thought when I chose this topic. Could uniforms really improve student discipline and motivation? Some advantages of uniforms in schools is that the students would never really have to worry about what they have to wear to school every day. That also means it could save money for the families. It also can allow students to focus on the academics more. It can also teach students how to dress professional so it can benefit them in the long run. Uniforms will prevent what you wear to school being a competition. A whole school of uniforms can be neat and very professional as well. However, uniforms in schools can have some disadvantages as well. When everyone is wearing uniforms it can be hard to express individuality. Individuality is a big part of growing up it can shape a person to be who they are. It can also help develop better attitudes on life, society, their future, and themselves. The people that you do see that wear uniforms are usually heroes or society figures like for example police officers, firefighters, and armed forces. The conformity of uniforms in schools can be an issue. Wearing uniforms can cause some issues with religion as well. Some religions require you to dress a certain way and if you do not wear a uniform to school then you are asked to go home or get in some type of trouble. Many different organizations in a school have uniforms that they wear

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