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Running Cadence Sittin' on a mountain top, beating my drum Beat it so hard that the MP's come I said MP, MP, don't arrest me Arrest that leg behind the tree He stole the whiskey, I stole the wine All I ever do is double-time Airborne Ranger raving mad He's got a tab I wish I had Black and gold and half moon shape Airborne Ranger, he's gone ape Jumpin' through windows, kicking down the walls Airborne Ranger's havin' a ball So if there's a trouble in the world today Call on the men in the Black Berets! Rollin' rollin' rollin' Oh my _____ is (are) swollen (ankles, feet, legs, knees, etc.) Don't let your dingle dangle dangle in the mud Pickup your dingle dangle, give it to your bud ... dangle in the dirt (ground) (track) ... put it in your shirt (toss it all around) ( (put it in your pack) Up in the morning before the break of day I don't like it, no way Eat my breakfast too damn soon Hungry as a hound dog, before noon Went to the mess hall on my knee I said, "Mess SGT., Mess SGT., feed me please!" Mess SGT. said with a big ol' grin "If you wanna be Airborne, you gotta be thin" I saw an old lady running down the street Had a chute on her back, jump boots on her feet Said, "Hey old lady, where you goin' to?" She said, "US Army Airborne School" Whatcha gonna do when you get there? Jump from a plane and fall through the air I said, "Hey old lady, ain't you been told? Airborne School's for the brave and the bold." She said, "Hey, now soldier, don't be a fool, I'm an instructor at Airborne School!" When my granny was 91 She did PT just for fun 92 She did PT better than you 93 She did PT better than me 94 She did PT more and more 95 She did PT to stay alive 96 She kept on doing flutter-kicks 97 She up and died and went to heaven She met St. Peter at the pearly gates Said, "St. Peter, St. Peter, hope I'm not late St. Peter

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