Advice to Youth Essay

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Shepherd 1 Sam Shepherd Oldenburg Advanced Comp 19/1/2015 Brothers This photograph that represents our freshman baseball team at LCL contains all of the relationships that are currently most important to me. We all look so much younger than we do now. I was nervous in the taking of this photo. I can remember worrying if we were supposed to smile or not. I didn't want people to make fun of me for it. This picture is a time when we were all new to each other, uncomfortable with each other, and still growing into our bodies and the sport we love. The picture was taken right before the baseball season started. They had us line up by our height. I was seated in the bottom row meaning that I was one of the shorter ones along with Erik and Justin. The second row consisted of only two people that I really knew Jack on the far left and Spencer on the far right. For the top row, I only knew one person and didn't really know him well, Jimmy on the far right next to Coach Wicker. The rest of the relationships were uncertain at the time but many would become much closer than I could ever imagine. The relationships grew as the season progressed. I ended up building a strong relationship with Spencer, Jack, and Jimmy. We all got along very well from the start. We would throw and hit together sometimes switching partners. I would mainly throw with Spencer and sometimes Jack. Jimmy was the catcher and I was a pitcher so I Shepherd 1 would throw to him outside of warm ups. We all had chemistry and it made playing easy. Spencer is the kind of kid you can't get mad at. He always has a great attitude and every conversation with him is meaningful. He’s much more than that friend that I play baseball with. He’s that kid that you can always count on to put a smile on your face. Jack has been my best friend since kindergarden. Our parents have

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