Advice to a Person Looking to Rent a Place for Living Essay

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Advice to a Person Looking To Rent A Place for Living Renting a place for living either a house or an apartment takes time and effort, but it can be easy if you follow the right steps. First, you should decide which part of the city is more convenient for you, and that depends on many factors. For instant, you should consider a place near your school or your work; if you don't have a car and you want to save on the transportation expenses and the time. Otherwise, if you prefer to use your own car for transportation and you find a suitable place for you, but it's far from your school or your work place; then you should consider a place having a parking lot inside or outside. You had better write a list of what features that are important to you in and around your new place. For example: furnished place, super markets, fitness center. Also, it's very important to decide whether you want to live by yourself, or to share a place with others; you should choose who you live with carefully. After you chose the area and the neighborhood, it's the time to find the place. You should either use the internet to search, or rely on a real estate agent. You should be careful when you deal with real estate agents, because they charge extra fees; so make sure to be within your budget. Also, if you have friends and relatives it's better to take their advice. You should talk with the landlord and check everything carefully. For instant, does the place have a central heating, a washing machine, fridge and freezer? And also, you should ask if the rent include hydro and internet, and if there is any damage deposit amount. Finally, after you checked many places in the area; be prepared to make quick decision and choose the right one. During your tenancy, you should tell your landlord if there problems; for example, if the washing machine has stopped

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