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Hello Students! My name is Angela Hilton and I am the Advice Columnist for the Baker College Online Newsletter. I’m here to give you some friendly advice on how to succeed here at Baker College. Being a fairly new student to the online college experience, I hope to be able to give you some useful strategies that will assist you along in your journey. There will be a lot of reading, so be prepared. You will be given materials to read in order to assist you in completing your assignments. Some of the reading is easy, so you should be able to skim through it. Make sure you keep a paper and pen handy so you can jot down any notes. Taking notes will help you to recall any key points and also keep your ideas straight and on track. You will also be faced with more intensive reading. For these assignments, I suggest you not only keep pen and paper handy, but a good highlighter. Highlight any information you need to stand out for memory. Use different colored highlighters; this may help you to remember different aspects of the article and its contents. As you are exposed to different readings and articles, you will be able to adjust your strategy. Knowing whether you can skim through it or have to read thoroughly, keeping yourself and your notes organized will be a big help. Another useful tool is the Baker College library. Get to know it and get comfortable navigating around it. It will not only help with assignments, but will also help get answers and guidance for any reading or writing assignment. Test taking will cause anxiety issues to even the calmest people. First and foremost, don’t panic. Everyone has some sort of test anxiety whether it’s moderate or not. When you know you have that big test coming up, get yourself organized. Organize your notes according to your individual learning style. If you need charts, maps or diagrams, get them ready

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