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My mother has never been shy about giving me advice and although it has not always been accepted with open arms, looking back on the things that she has told me I am able to find truth and importance in her words of wisdom. The most important piece of advice my mother has shared with me is “to stay in the moment”. It is something that I struggle to achieve everyday. Like many students I know I have grown accustomed to the hustle and bustle of future plans; what school I will attend, what I want to be, what it takes to get there, even just sitting in class daydreaming about the weekend. As reassuring as it might be for me to consider my future, I was recently shown the importance of absorbing the moment you are in. This past summer I had the opportunity to travel to Ecuador on a Christian Service trip. I was exposed to a culture completely different than my own and met a community of people that stayed optimistic and hopeful despite their struggles with poverty. The experience forced me to question my beliefs, count my blessings, and look to my faith for support. I was most challenged by our trip to Damien House, a hospital that treated patients with Leprosy. I knew little about the disease or what to say to someone in their position. I was tempted to comfort myself with thoughts of home and count the days till I would be there, but I kept my mother’s advice in mind and worked hard to stay in the present so that I could open myself up and grow from the experience. I met wonderful people, including a man named Fortunado, who told me stories of his childhood and taught me how to play dominos. Being there, I realized that they did not rely on their futures for happiness. They may not have many opportunities, money, or the chance to go to college, yet they were content in their present situation and grateful for the people surrounding them. Had I not fully immersed

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