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It THERE is no doubt that a close friend not only has much in common with us, but also always PLAYS a considerable role in every life in terms of emotional and spiritual. Therefore, I am of the opinion that we should intervene when our friend makes a mistake even if it could ruin the relationship in order to give them better things. The first reason for my choice is that the mistake may turn out to be fatal to some extent to the friend. Many contend these mistakes are just inconsiderable ones, which have no severe influence on the friend’s life. However, no one can predict what happens next. Some habits, though regarded as innocuous ones, might contribute to the serious cases such as A car accident because the driver TALKS ON his phone. Hence, some gentle reminders from our friends are one way to avoid these risks. In other words, a true friend is a person who holds the RESPONSIBILITY to make the betterment of their partner’s life. In addition, you might lose the faith in your friend’s thought about you or even your friend can get disappointed in you later, if you do not anything when your friend gets mistakes. In this case, your friend has the potential to attribute their mistake to your LACK OF concern because, in my opinion, everybody has a responsibility to stand UP and help their friends out of problems when THEY OCCUR. On the other hand, your friend may highly appreciate your help, no matter what or how you do, when being in need. For example, this year saw the reduction in revenue of my friend’s company because his financial investment was conducted IN the wrong way. With my experiences, I showed him what was wrong frankly, as well as told how to fix problems more expeditiously. Far from lessening my friendship by giving a bitter advice, this action actually MADE us closer than ever before. Although many people deem that any serious intervention in

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