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Language of Advertising Discourse Analysis Sara Trinciante A. Introduction: For Human being’s life language is essential as through language we are able to communicate each other. Crystal (1992) describes language as the systematic, common use of sounds, signs or written symbols society for communication. In advertising, language is used as a tool of communication and to deliver specific messages in order to of influence, convince, and inform. The aim of these messages is to persuade people to buy products. Language in advertising is very important because it helps people to identify the products and remember them. The language of advertising is generally complimentary, positive, expressive, and emphasizes the singularity of a product (Crystal: 1987). It usually emphasizes why one product differ in comparison with another. According to Wells, Burnett & Moriaty, advertising is defined as “any paid form of non-personal communication through the mass media about the product by an identified sponsor” (2003) has become part of our life. Nowadays, advertisements are presented in several ways such as printed media and electronic media, radio or television. Advertisements have a lot of signs or illustrations which have meaning. In advertisements, language is the verbal signs and illustration, colour, etc. is the non-verbal signs. In the first section I am analysing an ad and how it constructs a community of consumers, in the second section several adverts are used to identify the features of conversation and the features of writing; in the third section is studied the genre of ads, and in the last section I am analyzing the sexuality and gender in several ads. C. Analysis: 1. Three ideological functions of advertising: a) Building Images Looking is denoted the use of different colours and layers. The viewer also notices the different objects that seem to play an

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