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ADVERTISMENT AND ITS EFFFECTS ON LANGUAGE AND GENDER IN THE SOCIETY advertisements aims to persuade the audience into buying their product, by creating a link between a women’s natural charm and the product itself. One of the main techniques used in this advetisment is the effect of lighting. The lighting enhances the beauty that the product can bring about. I recently watched an advertisement, for a face cream, claiming it would help skin look younger. Some strategies used by the advertismnet wre as mentioned : There are several different positions and angles in which the scenes of the advertisement have been shot . At first, the scene zooms in towards the appearance of the main actors. The scene is zoomed in furthermore, to focus on the appearances and the discussions of the two women. The subtle variation in the background lighting ensures that the appealing aspects are enhanced, while the unflattering features are masked. The viewer is made to believe that the product is solely responsible for this transformation. By bringing in the special effects, the exaggerated signs of aging are shown on the woman’s face. This effect indicates to the audience, the drastic change that a period of 7 years can bring about, without the use of this product. The use of selective colors, helps in bringing out the capabilities of the product. The colors wore by the women in the opening scene are both white to indicate their youth, while years later, the ‘, is dressed in the deep and captivating cooler- red, leaving the other woman, looking dull and unappealing in her lusterless grey dress. Another distinct technique used by the makers of the video, is the closing remark whispered in a hushed tone by the ‘victim’ who claims she wished she “hadn’t waited”. This creates a very intense impression on the readers and instills a sense of urgency to use the product before it is

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