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Magazine Men’s VOGUE Probably if you ask one hundred people all around the world to tell 3 magazine names. I bet VOGUE will be present in all the answers. We all know that VOGUE is a fashion magazine; and that if you study the magazine, and copy the outfits shown, you will be considered as a“fashionista”. The truth is that these magazines are only selling publicity, making lot of money, and brainwashing the society. Even though, if you are in the business of fashion you will need to know them almost by memory. Men’s VOGUE is the same magazine as the regular VOGUE, only that its target are men. There are different markets in fashion, from Supermaket fashion, up to Haute Couture. Sometimes people think that brands like the one that advertise in the first 20 pages of each and every VOGUE are Haute Couture, but they are not. Brands that have advertisements in VOGUE are known as Luxury Brands, such as: Marc Jacobs, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Gucci, etc. Which are the same brands that are shown in the styling inside the magazine, so we can say that VOGUE is a magazine that is ruled by these brands, it is only like a publicity catalogue of luxury brands. We can’t say that there is a magazine that publicizes the rules of fashion. Now a day’s fashion is a mix of tendencies and there is no more a brand identity for the customer. People are mixing Hermes Coats with Levis Jeans and Keds sneakers. There are no rules like maybe in the 80’s were. So I can conclude that VOGUE magazine is only a publicity catalogue, don’t take it very serious, I mean you can take some advices from it, but what is fashion now days is how you wear, not what you wear. Etro pg 70 Nature, Textures For this add I chose Nature, because the background is full of plants, wet plants, focusing like stem, this means that, we need to focus in textures and colors, This is why we can see

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