Advertising: What Makes It Unique?

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What Makes it Unique? Advertising is the most profitable industry in the United States today. Billboards, signs, magazines, newspapers, radios, televisions, and computers are just some of the places where advertisements are found. Company's are now trying to find innovative ways to publicize there products that are getting the consumers attention, and more action to buy. Looking up a few memorable ads I came across two that grabbed my attention and kept it the longest. The first ad which is a billboard ad advertising the world cup through Adidas in 2006. The second ad is for Formula Tooth care, which is a toothpaste that is suppose to “build strong teeth.” These ads have many different qualities about them, including color, shape, distinctive audience, and language. The 2006 Adidas World Cup billboard is very unique, one never seen before. It reaches across a road on a bridge like the soccer player is catching a ball. It is a very big billboard, with lots of detail and color. It's logo is on there more than a couple of times. It could be seen from a very far distance and is more of a distraction to the audience than anything else. I assume that the billboard is to promote the world cup. The audience would be everyone who is interested in soccer or watching sports of soccer. Also the billboard would appeal to that country that the world cup was played in more, because since it is such a big deal, it advertises to the country more to be a part of it. I think making the billboard unique as such reaching across the bridge gives it more notice than other billboards that are just on the side of the road that not everyone pays attention too. This specific billboard is over the road to the airport, and it features the German goalkeeper Oliver Kahn. The colors distinctively are the colors of the German, which is also the German player and team. So it is favoring that
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