Advertising Strategy Essay

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How to create an advertising strategy, part 2. Here are some key issues to consider when creating an advertising strategy or campaign. Understand, or define, the brand ... as it is now, and what you want it to be, whether the same or something different. > How to create and characterize a brand. Know how the company is positioned in the minds of consumers, and where you want it to be positioned. > How to position a company, product, service or brand. Understand the Psycho-Dynamics of the market. 14 fancy letters for a simple idea: what’s going on inside the brains of buyers, of perspective customers? It includes, but is not limited to, Consumer Involvement Theory ... how the consumer relates to the purchase: Rational to emotional. High to low involvement. You probably buy the same brand of soap or soda with a mindless motion at the market. But you do your homework when buying cameras or cars. Most people do the same. But besides CIT, there are likely other issues, perhaps more important issues, such as why people buy the other brand: “People think our competitor produces higher quality, more reliable products.” Or, “People think Big Bank has more services and products than we do. Things like investments and insurance, even inexpensive safe deposit boxes. So they think Big Bank is more convenient.” Or perhaps it's not so much what people think about competitors, but what they think about your client: "Gosh, I don't know if I want to buy a Mac. Just not as much software as I can get for a PC." Get the idea? Psycho-Dynamics is everything. It’s all that stuff rattling around between the ears of potential customers. The thoughts, feelings and ever-changing prejudices that influence purchase decisions. That's the Psycho-Dynamics of the market. And it is always changing. Know, or define, exactly what you want the advertising to
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