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Writing a speech Context You are a representative of an advertising agency. You are invited to speak in front of an audience of design students who are intrested in a career in advertising. Draft a speech in which you make them acquainted with the chancec and risk of some of the most common advertising strategies. How many of you know the TV episode “Mad Men”? Those who know it, probably were like “Wow, advertising is so cool. I want to be the next Don Draper or Peggy Olson”. Those, who don’t know it: Mad Men is something like the “Dr.House” for ad-heads. Those, that claim to haven’t flirted with the idea of studying medicine after watching Dr. House limping through the hospital aren’t being completely honest to themselves and others. Same goes for Mad Men. You just want to work at an ad-agency, because it’s cool. Sitting around all day, thinking of all sorts of creative stuff, sipping on a glass of scotch, while inhaling the smoke of a Lucky Strike. Okay, don’t shoot the messenger, but that’s not what advertising is about. At least not any more. Nowadays, advertisment is a lot more complex than that. Modern day advertisment adds value to a product by changing our perception, rather than the product itself and in order to properly add value to a product, there are some advertising strategies I would like to present to you today and in addition inform you about the advantages and disadvantages of the given technique. Let us begin with “Bandwagon”. Here you show the people, that the only way to be on the winner’s side, is to buy the given product. Bandwagon has proven to be effective if done right, because you give the people the choice: buy product X and you’re a winner, you are cool or don’t buy it and you are a looser. This directly speaks to those, who maybe unconsciously desire to join a crowd of like minded peers. On the other hand, “Bandwagon”

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