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4110 Bostic Drive Apt 304A Greenville, NC 27834 November 8, 2010 Beverly Perdue Governor O'Marks Building Suite 211 New Bern, NC 28563 Dear Governor Perdue: My name is DeShuna Hicks and my purpose in writing you is to be an advocate for the continued need of health educators in North Carolina. Health Educators are an important part of community health education programs. They are essential in communities in their efforts to provide adequate information in order to promote, maintain and improve healthy lifestyles. The main goal for a health educator is to prevent disease and promote healthy lifestyles through knowledge and behavior change. Being an advocate for the continued presence of health educators in North Carolina is very important to me because they play a very important role in communities and act as a mentor and role models to some. Health educators provided important information on health topics such as substance abuse, nutrition, HIV/STDs, diabetes, pregnancy and much more. Health educators collect and analyze data in order to research, design and present preventative health care programs. Health educators are also responsible for writing educational material, newsletters and grant proposals. They have the ability to work in many different settings with a variety of people. In some sense Health Educators act as the right hand of medical establishments by spreading information about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. I would be pleased if you would take part in a group meeting to put on a fund raising event so more health educators can have the funds possible to go out in communities and provide their services. Sincerely, De’Shuna

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