Advertising Is an Exploiting Tool for a Firm Essay

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Advertising is an Exploiting Tool for a Firm Advertisements can be seen everywhere around us and on everything we see like on buses, cars, buildings, caps, shirts and many more. Advertising is indeed a key to success for any individual firm to be a successful company nowadays and it is to be considered one of the most powerful tools for a firm to dominate in a market where competition is severe. With the help of advertising a firm could increase its sales and make their consumers aware of their products and as a result most firms exploit their consumers. When ads are showed on televisions and heard on radios, has anyone noticed that the ads are constantly repeated but not shown once. This is to make the viewers or the listeners remember the product which they saw or heard on the TV or radio and it may stay in their mind and when buying goods it may remind them of a particular ad they saw so it would tempt them to buy one. Most of the advertising done by firms is persuasive, target children and are dishonest, so ads are unethical and should be regulated by the government. Advertising has the ability to mold peoples mind into what the advertisers want and it is one of the strongest means of influencing people to buy products. Advertisements are the main source of marketing a product or service for its sale to the general public. They invent various strategies in order to make an advertisement run successfully by the results in sales and other statistics. For example, nowadays there is a lot of hype among youngsters to have a fair skin and there may be several adverts which promote skin whitening and skin care products which are endorsed by celebrities so as to manipulate and influence the young generation as they believe and are highly inspired by their personalities. For example, Aishwarya Rai who is a Bollywood superstar and has been endorsing “L’OREAL”

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