Advertising Fraud Essay

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Advertising is a form of mass communication that is closely associated with the world of business and marketing. Advertisement is not only a marketing tool to help sell brand products even build consumer confidence in a company or institution through the mass media. Advertisement, other than the dealer also used by the government, politicians, charitable organizations, private individuals and other parties to their respective interests. The era of globalization show advertising as an important component in all types of businesses. Thus, there ads in all aspects of our lives. It is very difficult for a person to avoid or refrain from advertising. Whether consciously or not, influence advertising has slipped into people's minds. Various public advertisements were bribed to evolve from subsistence society before, to the consumers of today. Various techniques of persuasion and grammar used to influence and persuade people to buy and continue to buy. Thus, the field of communication and linguistics to be linked closely to the ads. Today the field of advertising is going through fundamental changes. Primarily, rapid technological development has led to the digitalization of media. Television advertising is a major cost component of the advertising budget for mass marketed consumer product firms. Consequently, of great concern is the effectiveness of their advertising. However, most companies spend a lot of money for advertising because it is very effective in their sales thereby. 1.1 BACKGROUD OF STUDY In the era of information technology, hampers everything that is done we are constantly faced with a multifaceted advertising. Not only in newspapers, magazines, radio, television or the internet or even by the side of the road, the vehicle bodies such as buses and taxis, or when they enter the cinema, someone is sure to see a variety of ads that are displayed to the

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