Advertising for the New Age Essay

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With a struggling economy and consumers not spending the same amount of money as years past, companies trying to sell their products are looking for new ways advertise. This holiday season thousands of ads have been created to help promote and sell products to today’s consumers. What has changed since previous years are how these products are being advertised. We still have our TV ads and radio ads, along with full page ads in our favorite magazines and newspapers but something has changed. With new technologies such as Tivo and Pop-Up Blocker, consumers can easily skip and not see many of the ads put out by companies. Because of this, advertising firms have created a new style of advertising involving new smart ads, product placement, and ads customized to the viewer. Not only are new technologies coming out that help advertisers, but some that help the consumer block advertisements. In 1988 American Mobile Radio Corporation founded XM Satellite Radio. With a starter fee of only $12.95 a month, listeners can browse through over 100 different music, talk, sport, traffic and weather channels all commercial free. Before XM, the radio was prime real estate for advertisers. Everyone listened to the radio while in the car, at the office or around the house. With XM radio these same people are no longer hearing these same ads. The iPod has a similar affect as well. Apple Inc. created the iPod in 2001 and since then it have been one of the most successful music playing devices ever. With new in car iPod attachments, drivers can now listen to their favorite songs from their iPod instead of listening to the radio, where advertisements are played. This has been a very large problem for advertising firms and had created a barrier between consumers and suppliers. Like XM Radio and the iPod, Tivo also allows consumers to skip through or “fast-forward” ads. Tivo was brought to
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