Advertising Effects Essay

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John Wanamaker says, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I do not know which half”. This quotation shows how definitely some people feel about advertising. The advertising is the main part of our modern life, but some people think that lots of advertisements deceive consumers with their false promotions and damage the young’s life. However, other groups of people is for this idea that advertising has some benefits as helping us to choose necessary products and increasing amount of sales of the products. Above all, advertising is the most popular and common way of introducing something to buyers. TV, radio commercials, and posters are the most widespread ways of advertising the products. These kinds of advertising helps us to choose necessary products, and also, reliable advertisements attract people and after watching them, people want to buy those products. Therefore, we can come across with ads everywhere and every time. In addition, during the showing advertisements, customers see the best and useful sides of products and keep them away from harmful ones; as a result, consumers do not waste their time when they look for healthy products. The second advantage of advertising is that it is the most effective way to increase the amount of sales of products. The purpose of this type of advertising is to attract consumers’ attention, to hold it sufficiently long for the buyers to recognize; therefore, you remember the brand name of the product. For instance, “Coca-Cola” company has one advertisement which helps this company to sell more products. In this advertising, company uses a white bear and a little girl which is more attractive for people. To sum up, we can emphasize that these advertisements have a great power to impact on people. On the other hand, negative sides of advertising exist along with the positive
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