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| Advertising Critique | Microsoft Zune Project | | Angela Gortney | 9/19/2010 | | Introduction Zune is a media software that organizes music, videos and podcasts. This program allows you to socialize with your Microsoft live account while listening to music. This entertainment software incorporates supporting Zune products such as; the portable media player, video component supported by Xbox 360, Zune devices, Microsoft Kin Phones, Windows 7 devices and the Zune website are all designed and marketed by Microsoft. (Microsoft Zune, 2010). Zune Marketplace is a destination store where which you can purchase music, video and podcasts at the click of your mouse. With this marketplace you would use the Zune software to organize and maintain your database of WMA, MP3 formatted files. (Microsoft, Zune 2010.) Zune however is different in the matter of currency, Microsoft uses a points system that allows the consumer to purchase points then purchase the media. (Victor M.) Microsoft is using the Zune Pass, this pass allows consumers to subscribe monthly and download unlimited amount of songs. (Microsoft, Zune 2010.) Apple iTunes media platform is also used to manage music, video and podcast files. The software allows you to interface with the other products and services that Apple markets. Products such as; the Apple iPad, Apple iTouch, Apple iPhone, and the Apple iPod. (Apple iTunes, 2010.) With the software supporting all of Apples product, this gives the consumer more chances to make a purchase. With the iTunes Store you can purchase music via any product that Apple owns. This makes it convenient for the consumer who wants to purchase on the phone and later sync with her computer. iTunes allows consumers to make purchases in normal US Currency and they do not have a subscription plan that allows unlimited downloading. “Beginning April 1, songs on

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