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Response Paper 1 Jeffrey Evans Hum 100 05/05/2010 As we discussed in lecture this week, the Medici family was instrumental in the burgeoning Italian Renaissance. A number of famous artists owe their ability to produce the works we continue to hold in the highest esteem to the patronage of these Florentine leaders. For this week, I would like you to discuss how this family of Renaissance humanists could have used popular culture (artists, writers, etc) to help support their rule. In other words, how might the close association between the Medici and these artists have served the Medici interest. You might answer this by looking at the art of these individuals (how might their works support those in power or give the illusion of an empowered peasantry, etc). You could also discuss efforts made by the Medici to educate the populace served their interests. There are many other angles you could take as well. From 1434 until 1492, Florence was under the control of one family: the Medici. Some Medici were Renaissance humanists in their own right. More important, they became patrons supporting some of the greatest art and scholarship of the entire Renaissance. The Medici family became prosperous through banking. They had branches throughout Europe in London, Naples, Cologne, Geneva, Lyons, Basel, Avignon, Bruges, Antwerp, Lubeck, Bolgna, Rome, Pisa, and Venice. Cosimo de’ Medici was the de facto ruler of Florence from 1434 to 1464, and was also an astute banker and a highly cultivated man of letters. Cosimo himself spent vast sums on the collecting and copying of ancient manuscripts—one of the key tasks of Renaissance humanists. He had his copyists use a neat cursive hand that would later be the model for the form of letter we call “italic”. His collection of books formed the core of the

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