Advertising Brand Promotion Essay

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Assignment 3: Critical Thinking 1. In an average week, I watch about 7-10 hours of TV per week, 4 of which are usually on my computer. If I weren’t to channel surf during commercials, I would be exposing myself to about 217-310 commercials or 133-190 minutes of commercial time. An advertisement only strikes my attention when the music or first few opening words are of interest to me. This is because I’m usually on my computer during commercials. However, when I do watch TV on the actual television, it is during prime time hours. So the chance of an advertisement that is targeted towards me has a high chance of reaching my ears because I fall into its target audience and am watching TV during its spot. As a typical college student located in a city, the amount of time I spend listening to the radio is limited. In an average week, I spend about 3 hours listening to the radio. Since I rarely drive a car, my radio time is limited to my half hour morning routine getting ready for class. Since, I spend such little time actively listening to the radio, the probability of my exposure to a radio ad is extremely low. However, in contrast, when I was on co-op and was commuting an hour to and from work in my car, my radio time during the week was at least 10 hours. The probability of my exposure to a radio ad was extremely high. Advertisements were perfectly timed so that on my way home from work, I would start to get hungry for dinner, and a Lean Cuisine ad spot would come on the radio. Of course, this would fuel my hunger and all of a sudden I had a craving for the delicious meal they described on the radio. Radio ads played during high commuting times have a much higher effect on me when I am actively listening to the radio and engaging with the radio personalities portrayed. Magazines would have the highest probability of an advertisement reaching me. I read magazines

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