Advertising and the Exploitation of Female Sexuality

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Advertising and the Exploitation of Female Sexuality Carlos Parson Grand Canyon University Abstract Magazine, Newspapers, TV, and Internet advertisements have been increasing the use of sexual image with women in the last century. Research indicates that media, advertising in particular, can create and sustain unrealistic images and stereotypes, especially of women. It is important to examine some of the reason why this is happening without any control of the media authorities. Of course, the use of sexual imagery in advertising is nothing new. One mechanism to explain how this happens is that the constant exposure to these themes and behaviors make them more accessible from memory (Shrum, 2003) – and when asked to make judgments in real life, those who are more exposed to certain mediated constructs are more likely to use them (Rhodes, Edison, & Bradford, 2004). Is the level of sex in advertising increasing? What are some reasons? First: Men control the media. Through centuries the man and women battle have been real about who have more power in the society. This is one way to tells the women: I’m in control of your image and I will take advantage. Women are sexually exploited in the media because man is in power. The power of advertising lies in persuasion and its ability to influence people’s behavior. This ability has been enhanced by globalization. Globalization and the advancement in new media technologies are transforming how sexuality is viewed and treated around the world. The result is the beaming of homogeneous images in the media and the tendency towards increased cultural and social conformity. A recent analysis of the sexual content of five prime-time programs, on TV drama, found that male characters are frequently portrayed as actively and aggressively pursuing sex whereas female characters are

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