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Advertising The copy structure includes the content and scope of the text to be used in the advertising message. It usually consists of ; i) The headline ii) An extension of the headline iii) The text, iv) A conclusion that suggests a certain action The headline is very important because it is often all that people read. The extension of the headline usually describes or qualifies the headline. The text explains the product or service and its need-satisfying attributes. The conclusion suggests an action that should lead to satisfaction. COPY LAYOUT Copy layout embraces the effective arrangement of the different elements of the copy (words, sounds and pictures) in the available advertising space, in our adverts’ case it embraces the picture and text for the Land Rover Defender 90. The following aspects must be remembered with regard to copy layout. i) Message Format In the print advertisement, the marketer must decide on headline to use, decide whether or not to use illustration and determine the colour to use. If message is to be carried out on radio, choose words to use, the voice qualities, speech rate, number of words per minute to be spoken, the rhythm, where to pause or yawn in process. In case of using a television to communicate there is need to observe the body language, motion facial expressions, posture, non-verbal cues, and gestures, dress and hairstyle. If the message is carried by the product or its packaging the communicator has to pay attention to colour, scent, size and shape. ii) Message Order This refers to the order in which important aspects of the message are placed. A marketer can choose to put the strong arguments of the message at the end of the message. This constitutes a climax message with high level of interest. If the important message is

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