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Advertising Advertising is a compensated type of message while some form of advertising, such as public service use bestowed space and time. The main aim of advertising is to either persuade or inform the public about a particular company or a product/service. In other words, it an objective driven strategic communication and these objectives can be considered to conclude whether the advertising was successful or not. To deliver a message television, magazines or the internet is used as a medium to convey the message. The delivery of the message should be as innovation as it could be just like a big new idea. Following are the strengths that could be identified of advertising as a marketing technique; can be delivered to a mass audience, should introduce a product, outline the important alterations, recalls and support the adverts and inspire the audience. TV Advertising Television advertising is used because it facilitates like the movies. It tells the story, involves the sentiments, generate fantasies and can have great visual collision because it’s a movie standard, it is also great for showing up how a particular product or service works. It brings brand images to life and personality to a brand. Advantages of Advertising on TV IMPACT: Television makes a strong impact .The interaction of Color, music, slogan, celebrity endorsement, graphics and humor creates a strong buying response. T.V is also good for delivering humor and others aspects to buy product or a service. Advertising nowadays is a universal observable fact; with the extreme attentiveness in Pakistan. Advertisers use many different advertisements for different purposes. FOR Example: Some countries use fancy advertisements for consumer goods such as, tooth paste , detergents, or soft drinks, and highly mechanical, message conveying with construction equipments, medical, supplies or computer

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