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Introduction Advertising is an important marketing activity in the present day world. The success or failure of any business depends a lot on marketing, which in turn, depends on advertising. Realising the importance of advertising, a great deal of time, effort and energy of the organisation is directed towards building a successful advertising campaign. Out of the various components, an appeal is an important aspect of any advertisement. AIM/BODY The purpose of this assignment is to provide critical review various type of appeal use for this assignment. Before design this advertisement content, we choose travel and tourism industry. There are two appeals that we’re using for this advertisement which are rationale appeal and scarcity appeal. A rational appeal usually relies on the ability of consumer in actively process the information presented in the advertisement. There are some positive comments about the advertisement of rational appeal which are the picture of advertisement could attract the sight of the customers. Besides that, when the customer look through the advertisement, they will comfortable and excited. This will cause customers happy and interesting so they would like to purchase and try how the feeling was it. In other side, there are some negative comments about the advertisement of rational appeal. The picture of advertisement maybe is too complicated, this would make customers could not focus on the advertisement. Furthermore, some of the customers don’t like this type of advertisement because they cannot understand what does the advertisement bringing out. Scarcity appeal usually appeal to consumers due to the limitation of the product’s availability. When there is a limited supply of a product, the value of such product would increase. There are also some positive comments about advertisement of scarcity appeal such as the limited

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