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ADVERTISEMENTS When doing this assignment and trying to pick an advertisement I decided to pretend that I was a serious and gullible consumer in the market for a particular product. After a little thought that product came to me. It has to do with my physique and my fantasy of what I always wanted to be when I grew up. For the record, I’m a slim, skinny, underweight, lanky, lean, and thin 19 year old of average height with well defined muscles. Since I was a very little kid I’ve been called a “natural athlete” by just about everybody that knows me. I excelled at baseball, basketball, football and lacrosse. My personal dream was to be a running back, corner or wide receiver in the NFL. I have the speed, agility, intellect and determination to achieve my goal, but unfortunately, my genetics and puberty betrayed me. I just didn’t get big enough. I still think about being a walk-on one day. That’s why I decided I’d check out the advertisements for BODYBUILDING SUPPLEMENTS and see what they said they could do for me. I was on my way to finally getting buff. I started my project by Googling “BEST Bodybuilding Supplements”. Amazingly, 4,650,000 results were returned. Can that many products really be the best? Although it wasn’t easy, I narrowed my selection down to three of the most enticing and promising supplements and to a website called that offered many, many hardcore anabolics. The supplements were SuperSize, Sterodrol and QuickGain. The diction and imagery in all of the advertisements were very similar. They basically wanted to convince me that my transformation from a stick to a bodybuilder was going to be FAST, AMAZING, EASY and SAFE. Not only that, but I was going to see DRAMATIC results like never before. A common theme was that I was going to double or triple my size, develop rock solid mass and gain

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