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Advertising Essay

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Have you ever thought of being able to have the ability to have the literature world at your fingertips?   The ability and the power to read anything that you want to the same way as if it were to come off of the shelves in your favorite retail store is now at your disposal.   Libratech is on the brink of providing the world a new e-reader that will make the reading experience more enjoyable than ever before.
Libratech’s new e-reader will provide the reader the ability to download any literature that hits the market from newspapers, magazines, novels and textbooks which will ultimately enhance their learning experience.   For the first time ever, Libratech’s new e-reader will provide the convenience of flip page technology on a 9 inch screen and over 16 million ultra vibrant colors that will provide the reader with an enjoyable reading experience like never before.  
Libratech’s new e-reader will offer an online store that will allow readers to connect to and download literature whether through a 4G network or through local Wi-Fi connections.   The 4G network will require a monthly subscription but will provide the reader the ability to download their favorite reading materials anywhere they go.   Imagine being on a family trip across country and wanting to be able to read today’s newspaper from your hometown, a new novel just released or your favorite magazine that just hit the shelves.   Libratech’s new e-reader will offer the opportunity along with many others that will keep you reading not just for hours, but for days.  

Product Naming Strategy
LibraTech will be introducing this new e-reader to public under its consumed name as the “Elite.”   We feel that the “Elite” will be considered the best e-reader available to the market superseding such e-readers as the Nook, the Kindle and the E-matic.   The current belief is that the “Elite” will offer more benefits to the consumer than ever seen from any other product on the market.
By naming the...

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