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Advertising is a social phenomenon.Advertising is everywhere.We even don’t notice that this way of bringing information to people is at every corner.Most of ads is about making money.Companies that make goods and provide services show people things they have to offer.Some ads propose social events and service. Advertising is important social process.It is eccential part of economic.Modern advertisement effects and affects on our world.The clothes we wear,the movies we watching,the places where we spend our vacances and,of course,the way we think; all this is formed by commercial structures.Structures that have to attack society by their promotions of new car,beverage or bank service to keep their businesses floating.But not everything so bad.Many social organizations use this way of attracting people to tell them about their purposes and goals..Almost everyone in this classroom saw social advertising of centres for helping immigrants or community events.There are many booklets,posters and brochures proposing new arrivants education or integration in the world,any kind of sessions of information.Advertising can participate in many social problems.Impaired driving,assaulting bus and taxi drivers,violence in families and public places,smoking ,drug consuming. Yes, those are advertisement too.I put one of these on this page.What you see is offer for help.To help drug addicted people,especially young people who suffers every day.Illegal drugs is one of most troubles in our days..This ad is example of social advertisement.Comercial companies spend quite a money on ads.The money they spend on promoting goods and products depend on how wealthy is public which they target.Very often ,companies spend quite generous.My ad is not of this category.You can judge by its design.You can see that it is not

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