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Advertisements Today Essay

  • Submitted by: leszczynka
  • on March 1, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
  • Length: 259 words

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Everyday we see advertisements around us on buildings, buses and in the media – tv, radio and newspapers. The advertisements have different form and content but their goal is always the same – attract our attention. The two texts about advertisements shows pros and cons   of this issue and   opposite   feelings connected with this basic tool of present marketing.
According to the first text not only draws advertisements our attention but also have to entertain and inform future customers. Nowadays ads are more interesting and visible because of development of technology i.e. digital billboards which gives opportunity to create more creative projects. Moreover our world with all these colourful posters and neon billboards exhilarates our reality.
On the other hand the second text tries to persuade us that ads are something needless and they spoil environs. Many people regard advertisements as a piece of setting which does not fit to the environment. Moreover often ads, especially those which are concentrated on children and adults who are prone to suggestions, are invented so tricky that customer is sure he has to buy this thing. In the past advertisements were simple but present everywhere and people could ignore them because they were not so showy as they are today.
To sum up, everyone has his own good or bad opinion about the outdoor marketing. Generally, I think some piece of information located in the ads is useful because we familiarise new items and i.e. enquire about sales. However TV ads are sometimes irritating especially those shown during an interesting film.

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