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Today advertisement are having a negative affect on the women society. Harbin proves that by proving it statistically. Weiss's article is good, easy to understand but Harbin's article is better because of the extra information. Harbin uses a lot of statistic to prove her point in her article. She compares the stats of the past and today and how the advertisement is having a worse effect than before. She also talks about what the people at Abercombie and Ftich have and how it matches the society. How their advertisements are effecting the society and shaping it. Her articles shows that she researched well before writing it, for example she wrote about the survey done at Standford. Her whole article was proved right by this one survey which said "sixty eight percent students felt worse about their appearance after reading women's magazine." To explain this she gave the example of "allure" magazine in which out thirty ads twenty eight of them had thin, light colored hair and eyes Caucasian girls. For more explanation she gives the example of African-American women who dye their hair and straighten them just to get this Caucasian look which they see in advertisements. On the other hand we have Weiss's article which is almost as good as Harbin's but not quite. She does has not used a lot of statistic prove her research. Weiss's writing is more like explanation of quotes picked up from other articles. To prove her first quote she quotes some one else instead of explaining it first. She quoted Marika Tiggerman's from 'role of social comparison' and to explain that she quoted the advertisers saying why they use thin girls. Harbin's essay is way more convincing as she talks about a particular store and their advertisement which influence and effect the society. She gave a proper research on what Abercombie and Fitch advertise, what they advertise who they employ

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