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4 November 2012 Advertisements Change, or Culture Change It is hard to imagine people obsessing over advertisements like Susan Bordo does in her essay. It is probably because our culture has become so accustomed to these advertisements with half naked men in them. We do not even look twice at the advertisements because they have become part of what we see every day. We see these types of advertisements everywhere we go. There is no way to escape them and that is why I think that we don’t have the same reaction that Bordo had. I remember one time I was walking through the mall and just about every store had these types of advertisements in them. It seemed that most people including myself did not think anything of these advertisements. People would walk by and look at them nobody would stop and stare at the advertisements because those types of advertisements are considered normal in our culture today. Nobody seems to think that those advertisements are weird or out of the ordinary. The advertisements outside the stores in the mall did not seem to working very well, they were not grabbing attention like they were supposed to do. I feel that if those stores had normal fully clothed people in their advertisements that would capture more attention. It would capture attention because it is showing something different that we are not used to seeing. That is what happened to Bordo she was not used to seeing advertisements with half naked men. It was out of the ordinary and it did its job by grabbing people’s attention. Our culture reacts to change, although the types of advertisements have not changed since the Bordo, some have changed to show different messages. Some advertisements try and portray stories or create something that you can connect with. A Polo Ralph Lauren advertisement (image one) does this technique very well. It has two

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