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Ervinn Trejo English 52 10-26-2011 Emily Anderson Analyzing Advertisements Advertisements are a huge part of society. Advertisements show us what to eat, or what to wear. You might not know it, but advertisements mold and shape the person we are. In a way they corrupt our lives and how we live them. Companies do this by telling us what to buy, and that without the product we can’t live our daily lives. That is why advertisements and companies are corrupting our minds. There are many types of advertisements, but I chose three out of them all. The three that I chose are; first Testimonial, that use celebrities to sell there product, like in the proactive ad that I chose. Second is, Card Stacking that uses the product to show that it is better than the competing brands, like in an old AJAX advertisement. Last is Bandwagon that says that other people are doing/using the product, and that you should also use/do it, like in the WW2 propaganda for war bonds. First type of advertisements that I chose is Testimonial. Testimonial is a well know style of advertisement. Companies use celebrities to get there product selling on the market. Consumers see this, and want to buy the product. Companies do this to make the consumers think that the celebrity is using the product, and they show that the product works. Companies also use celebrities to make the consumer think that they buy the product and also use it, when they usually don’t. The advertisement that I chose is the Proactive ad with Katy Perry. In the advertisement for Proactive they show Katy Perry, with a close up on her face showing that her skin is clear of pimples. Second type of advertisement that I chose is Card Stacking. Companies use this method to “sugar coat” there products. They do this to get a point told. The reason that they “sugar coat” there products is to make

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