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The Sony Xperia Z is a touchscreen enabled,full HD Android flagship high-end smartphone designed, developed, and marketed by Sony Mobile. Design Based on the design language of the Xperia Z, the Z Ultra is a very attractive-looking gadget. It combines a metallic frame with tempered glass on both the front and rear, giving it a minimalistic, stylish appeal. During my brief time with the phone, I was immediately impressed by its build quality--it's as lovely as the Xperia Z and yet impossibly thin at 6.5mm (0.26 inch). BASIS OF SEGMENTATION Undoubtedly it’s a high end phone. Costing you about 35-37 grand, it’s certainly a pinch in the pocket of users. HOWEVER, this phone is meant for those who are involved in a lot of activities say for example a person in a cement factory, who uses his phone with his hands being dirty or wet. it is both water and dust proof. Essentially, you can use the phone to take full-HD videos underwater with its 8-megapixel camera. A scuba diver can use one too. KIND OF TARGETED AUDIENCE There can be two sets of audience targeted for this : 1. Active audience : Now these are those who are involved in a lot of activities majorly outdoor ones. Their phones keep falling or perhaps are prone to dust . So for these people this phone is their saving grace. 2. Snobbish appeal: Now just because of the brand and perhaps the cost a person would be attracted to buy this phone. Besides, an actress like Katrina Kaif , endorsing such a phone then why wouldn’t her fans go for this. Perception of the brand Now Sony is a big brand and a famous one indeed. It’s phones have always been quite attractive and possess good features too. Sony was on a downward trajectory during 2011 because of its failure to introduce innovative

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