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Shelby Edgerton Steve Acree ENGL 111-27/28 10 September 2014 Draft Essay American Way of Life Advertising features a topic of interest to us to what we call Rural America. It introduces working action such as: attending to livestock, harvesting crops, and providing vital resources we need to live in our nation. To establish credibility in order to sell this product they use the recurring phrase, “So god made a farmer.” Having a visual picture of achievement, domination, and nurture as elements in this ad is what can be so persuasive to ones who are watching. Using designed elements such as color, shapes, and props. Photography is what can intrigues our buyers. When connecting to their audience this ad almost always use photography to send you a message as to what they’re trying to get across. Using high definition imagery can also attract the human eye to what or how you think things should look like, or be like in the actual world. That shows a promiscuous truck that while tending to their everyday work on the farm, they can also rely on their loyal Ram. This ad not only is appealing to Farmers all throughout America, but any hardworking individual. Chipped finger nails, cracked skin, dirt between the creases. So gently crossed together leaned up against a fence. A farmers hands, is what is being presented to us as being worn down at the end of the day. The waxed up shiny truck in the pasture surrounded by cows attending their feed. Shows that dodge ram is not just a truck, it’s a truck that can proceed to do any type of work it may desire. As a result to also hauling heavy objects such as hay to and from the barn but, also running through mud and dirt without a problem. They want you to believe their truck is something dependable or reliable at the end of the day. The setting or general idea of this ad is to work and live in the Heartland of America.

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