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John valenzuela November 2, 2010 RWS 200 Sigmon Essay #2 Many Americans enjoy driving automobiles that are powerful, big and attractive to others. The desire to own a more powerful vehicle has become part of the American culture, and has unfortunately decreased our fuel economy standards. American citizens are aware that bigger cars are less fuel efficient and affect our environment greatly. The question here is why do we continue buying them? In the New Yorker, journalist James Surowiecki wrote an essay titled “Fuel For Thought,” where he argues that American citizens are unsatisfied with the automobile purchases they have made, and therefore call for a law that requires better gas mileage in cars. “Voters are really saying that they’re unhappy with the collective results of the choices they make as buyers” (Surowicki, 27). The following essay will identify Surowiecki’s main claim along with his sub claims, and will analyze and detail one reference that is used to connect part of his essay to the larger conversation. Surowiecki’s introduction reflects the previous opinions and thoughts that surrounded the auto industry executives regarding environmental and safety rules. He presents a variety of examples where previous executives attempted to avoid safety changes to autos, such as safety glass windshields in the 1920’s, seat belts in the 50’s, and air bags. It is evident that automobile executives want to prevent the government from interfering with their industry, just as Surowiecki states, “Of course, much of this is simply stonewalling by executives determined to keep meddlesome politicians out of their business” (Surowiecki, 27). However, despite the fact that the government and politicians interfere from time to time with the auto industry, this seems to be causing troubles regarding fuel economy standards. According to Surowiecki, Americans prefer

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