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English 093 March 13,2012 John Deere Tractor Sale Since 1837 people have been using John Deere products. Over the years, John Deere’s products have been deemed dependable and have become a preferred brand among Farmer, Contractors, and the general public. The products produced by the John Deere company are dependable and have made daily tasks easier and faster throughout the years. John Deere tractors are made by the John Deere Company, there are different division that are based around the world. The Agricultural tractors and equipment are made in Waterloo, Iowa. Lawn and garden tractors are made in Horicon, Wisconsin. Their lines of utility tractors are made in Grove Town Georgia. They also have manufacturing plants in Pune, India as well as, Manhiem, Germany. Their tractors are easily recognized by the color each piece of John Deere equipment is painted. The color is appropriately called John Deere Green. They are also accented yellow decals that bare the John Deere logo as well as the name. They produce several hundred different products. In their agriculture line they make everything from Combines to harvest crop, to wagons to haul the finished product. In their construction line you can find everything from jack hammers, to cranes. They also have a line that is aimed for home use that includes everything from hedge trimmers and gardening tools, to lawn mowers. With the name and reputation of John Deere, when going to purchase these items you will find that you are going to pay a little more, their product range $25 to Hundreds of thousands of Dollars. This John Deere commercial features a middle age woman working on a horse farm. The commercials main focus is the woman working around the horse farm and getting a lot of work done with the assistance of her new John Deere tractor. The woman cleans horse stalls, hauls hay, and various other tasks

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