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Comic book writer for the Gears of War video game series said “The stakes are raised. This is humanity’s last stand. Nothing is safe. Everything is at risk.” The look of total desolation and the look of destruction and last hope is what caught my eye when I first saw this advertisement. The ad depicts two main soldiers, strong and battle-tested, probably in their late 20’s early 30’s in the front and hundreds, maybe even thousands of new soldiers in their early to late 20’s in the back with about the same amount of helicopters in the air. The main soldiers in the front of the ad, (the one with the bandanna) are Sergeant Marcus Fenix of the COG army, and his right hand man Dominic Santiago (Dom), they are both part of Delta Squad. Delta Squad used to be the squad who did all the dirty work, but now they have gained respect and prestige so they don’t do the dirty work anymore. Marcus is holding COG tags of his fallen comrades. Dom and he are both wielding standard COG weapons called Lancers. You can faintly see a desolated city in the background. Dom looks either optimistic or angry, but Marcus is just angry and battle ready, he is ready for the war to end soon. Also in the bottom part of the ad is the quote “HOPE RUNS DEEP.” Advertisers promoting Gears of War 2 are primarily aiming and targeting teen boys ranging from 15 years old, to men probably in their early to late 20’s by asserting that playing this game, you will experience destruction, devastation, basically all kinds of action, in order for you to get you to buy their product. The colors of the ad, plus the other factors like sky, soldiers, etc have an impact on the ad as well. The color shows that its either early or late in the day, early meaning it’s a new day/rebirth of the human race or late meaning it’s the end of our race/ we are out of time. Even the sky has an effect on the turn

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